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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Katrina update: Brian Andrews is my hero

Brian Andrews a local affiliate in Louisiana just gave a live report from Baton Rouge (I think), he was downtown showing how wild the wind is. He basically broadcast how easy it is for a human being to get blown around.

It was risky but absolutely wonderfully handled. "Okay (Cameraman), if anything comes flying at me just scream." He was hanging onto a postal box with a metal rod for support which was eventually stripped from him by wind and blew down the street.

"Okay, we're packing it in."
He darts back to the building for cover.
"Reporting Live from Baton Rouge" (Wind stumble)
"In the downtown area" (Gust blows him down onto his stomach. He then stands and looks at the camera.
"I'm Brian Andrews" (Smile)

Interesting reporting. Actual fun during some hard times.

On a serious note: my wishes to all who are enduring this either by weathering it out in their areas or those who've escaped who are praying for their homes. As a person who experienced Hurricane Andrew first hand (I drove about 15-30 miles away from the eye escaping my home in Baton Rouge in 1992) I know what people are going through.

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If it's the same one I saw a moment ago (on CNN) he was on Canal Street in New Orleans. And our whole newsroom was watching him and pronounced him batshit crazy.

Looks like there might be video of that here

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