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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Ph34r the l33t N3tW3rk!

CNN has been running non-stop coverage on Katrina's rampage through the gulf region.

Several satellite uplinks had to be pulled down because the satellite dishes on vans act like giant sails on sea going vessels. As a result the van runs the risk of being physically picked up by the winds and flying into the air.

CNN is proud that they've been able to pull down nearly live footage without the use of Satellite. Repeatedly they have said the following:

And we've been able to deliver this footage here at CNN with an entirely new technology known as FTP

Okay, all together now...


Such mighty technology. Next CNN will offer multiple graphics during the coverage with their secret weapon: Gopher.

Edit: And a live report from Mobile, AL just included the line: "And as you can see, Water street is under Water."
The footage kept being interrupted with an emergency tone. The national CNN commentator said, "Well, it's a good thing that we had that tone to cover all the explitives." No really, she was serious and actually thought the emergency 1K tones were obscenity bleeps.

Either the director or this national commentator is not going to last at CNN very long.

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That's what they get for using blow-dried clueless barbies for anchors.

I just added another example of barbi-ism

I editted the post. Added in more commentary on the stupidity of the reporter at the desk.

I also just got a rather humourous reaction to the work Barbi-ism and its relationship to Barbarism.

You are killing me over here! :-)

Oh wow! Where can I download this uh... FTP? I hope it's Windows-compatible.

Eff... tee.. pee? Whut's that?


Next thing you know, they'll be going on about this new-fangled technology, called the Information Superhighway!


Information Superhighway...


You must mean the one that Al Gore created ;)

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