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I have SEEN Q

Yes, it is true. I have seen puppets POLE dance.

Sadly, the opening preview show featured mostly the secondaries. I did not see Lyon or Tartaglia. But to be honest, the show ROCKS!

If you haven't heard the soundtrack to Avenue Q, go rent, borrow, buy, steal it.

I have purchased muchly schwag, including gifts for twoooo special friends who I think will be very happy. Well, except for the jealousy of not having seen it yet.

For those who've listened to the soundtrack, the show has a bit more to it that the soundtrack hides. I firmly recommend this show!

I will admit, the songs are much faster as if they need to meet a deadline with show time. Also, some bits are cut from the soundtrack. The intervention part of "Life outside" is cut, adjustments are made to the song. (No more pot references there or in Purpose.)

When you help others is also cut. References to Christmas Eve selling the wedding gifts was cut as well as Gary's solo bit.

That said, I actually liked the Kate/Lucy and Gary better from the production than from the soundtrack. The Princeton/Rod was awesome. Trekkie/Nikky was good, but I prefer Lyon from the soundtrack and look forwards to seeing him.

Oh, yes, I will return to Vegas to see this show repeatedly!
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