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I got acquiescence from Rodney

I caught rodneyorpheus online just after he'd made a post. I agree with a good bit of what he's posted (but not all). Saying this may get me in a bit of hot water with the local communities, but ... I'm not at this time going to go into what I did and didn't agree with. (it's late, and the jnanacandra would like me to turn off the damned computer already :)

I addressed Rodney at one point after some logical deduction and questioning on my part in IM and the following transpired...

Me: So, basically... (me challenging one of his points)
R: that's a very good point.
R: I like that.
Me: Well, to be honest I have the urge to post, "I got an acquiescence from Rodney" on LJ, but I think I can avoid that much self humouring for myself.
R: hahaha
R: please do, it would be funny :)
R: it's a rare thing

So there you have it. Hopefully at some point I will gather the words to express how I feel, rather than traipsing thru some great vagueness. But the details weren't important. Only that I found a point I disagreed with and was able to find a way to show the reasons. Happy pleased warm feelings.

Film at 11 :)
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