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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I am so verrry broken

And now for your walk down amnesia lane. A series of lines from 80's comedy, "Night Court"

[Dan breaks down crying the night after his date]
Dan Fielding: Women.
Harry Stone: So, who was it last night? The Soviet gymnast?
Mac Robinson: The farmer's daughter?
Bull Shannon: One of those rubber-jointed ladies from the freak shows that like to be handcuffed and thrown around the room by their ponytails, screaming for mercy until they black out?
[Stares from everyone]
Bull Shannon: What?

Rereading this gave me the uncontrollable giggles. But then again, I remember what the cast looked like. :)

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Hee! There was a lot of great quips on that show :)

For most of the first run episodes I was still fairly young but even then I used to LOVE to sneak up late at night and watch that... :-)

TVLand has recently started rerunning the series. Two nights ago was the pilot; last weekend was a marathon. I'd forgotten how great the series was.

Selma (to bum following her): You only need to know one thing about me. I'm armed.

hee hee hee... ah memories. That was one of my favorite shows back then. Made me want to wear a fedora all the time.

That makes two of us. Spent most of my high school years running around in a fedora with an Ace of Spades in the band.

Especially because, if I remember correctly, Bull was never the wild crazy pervert, at least not compared to Dan.

Ever notice that it was Brent (Data) Spiner who was the stupid yokel from the midwest?

I caught part of that marathon, too, and I don't think my son quite knew what was making me laugh so hard. Oh, well.

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