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Because I am here and you probably are not...

Good morning from Notocon V.

It is 6:15am Eastern. This means my body is very, VERY confused. Well, it's about an hour earlier that it was when I got up yesterday.

So far, I think I am the only OTO'er at Notocon who's taken time to post. But I'll try from time to time :)

We got up yesterday at 4:00 am (7 Eastern). The flight was at 8:45 (Pacific) due in at 4:45 (1:45 Pacific) Alaska Airlines Coach really isn't too horrible. Even for 5 hrs. We got in earlier than planned. It was in fact 93 when we hit DCA. A rather slow trip to the rental car and we were off.

I hate driving in the DC area. Even the Neverlost was on drugs. About 45 minutes later we got to the hotel. The hotel, about a B+, the restaurant last night... Food: B+; Service C-. But then again, 5 of us grabbed a table and 3 more showed.

Last night jnanacandra and I went to the bar. Wow. Over the period of 2 hours the Thelemites came out in force. It was like romper room and a trip staring thru the Magick Mirror.

I will attempt to list names (with approval) and post pictures to buzznet.

It's gonna be a funnnnn weekend. :)

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