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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Because I am here and you probably are not...

Good morning from Notocon V.

It is 6:15am Eastern. This means my body is very, VERY confused. Well, it's about an hour earlier that it was when I got up yesterday.

So far, I think I am the only OTO'er at Notocon who's taken time to post. But I'll try from time to time :)

We got up yesterday at 4:00 am (7 Eastern). The flight was at 8:45 (Pacific) due in at 4:45 (1:45 Pacific) Alaska Airlines Coach really isn't too horrible. Even for 5 hrs. We got in earlier than planned. It was in fact 93 when we hit DCA. A rather slow trip to the rental car and we were off.

I hate driving in the DC area. Even the Neverlost was on drugs. About 45 minutes later we got to the hotel. The hotel, about a B+, the restaurant last night... Food: B+; Service C-. But then again, 5 of us grabbed a table and 3 more showed.

Last night jnanacandra and I went to the bar. Wow. Over the period of 2 hours the Thelemites came out in force. It was like romper room and a trip staring thru the Magick Mirror.

I will attempt to list names (with approval) and post pictures to buzznet.

It's gonna be a funnnnn weekend. :)

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I descend at 11:22. See you there.

Lets see... I got in yesterday and promptly had to hide out in the hotel room while I did some work which "just couldn't wait." That ended up going until 1AM eastern. Ordered room service which was probably around a C.

Ok off to register...

Yay! Where are you staying?

we are at the sheraton reston....

you can message my cell phone from my profile page. msg me your cell # if you want to coordinate.

I swear that unless something major changes I really REALLY want to make next NOTOCON. *sighs*

I am so jealous! I wish i was could have gone this year, but that's another story...
am looking forward to many pics!

We WILL make it to NOTOCON 07

Geeks of the world unite

See you at the LJ party...

yes a couple of us left in the Twin Cities are pouting about not being able to go to Notocon.

Post pictures and have a fab time for us all!


sorry that I can't be there. I got the Universal kibosh this year. Send my Aloha to everyone. next time...

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