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Okay, that's just disconcerting

There is a site called, ""

Over the last few days I have received invitations to random 'groups' much like tribe, yahoo, lj, or any other community driven environment. Most have been utterly irrelevant.

Today's however, has given me a really weird and inexplicable feeling.

The group is called, "It's Andrei With An "i" You Bastards!"

The group shows pictures of the members with their names under them. There's the group leader, "Andrei", the guy who looks like he's in a hospital bed, "Andrei" and the other 10 or so guys named Andrei.

Now, as much as I've gone to exorcise my birth name, I admit that "Andrei" is an adopted name. In such, there is this mix of feeling both an outsider and part of the group. (With all due respects to my dear brother apsulute)

Gonna mull these feelings ;)

He who used to tell people 2 g's not because there was 1 but because there wasn't 3 :)
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