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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

In light of the dark, a moment to brag...

I don't like to brag. All through high school, I discovered that when ever I bragged about something I'd either lose that something or something bad would happen.

That being said, here's some good things that have happened:

  • I snagged opening night tickets (orchestra, even) for Avenue Q in Las Vegas.
  • I won my unemployment appeal and have now been getting back unemployment
  • My poker game online keeps improving.

Concerning that last one... I've been playing "Sit and Go" tournaments.

Basically 10 people sit down at a table, everyone throws in their X (+ 10%X), they play until only one person has all the chips. For 10 players the standard pay-outs are:
  1. 50% 10*x
  2. 30% 10*x
  3. 20% 10*x

I'd been playing $5. What this would mean is that there'd be $50 in the prize pool and the last three places would win: $10, $15, and $25.

A couple of days ago, I tried a $30 game. The prizes were (as one would imagine):
$60, $90, and $150

Needless to say, when I won the last hand, I was blown away.

This link leads to my happy proof of victory

Do I up it more?

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and crack big slick!

Ok so it wasn't suited... still good job!

Talk to elphie who has much poker experience (and is a friend of mine).

Nice one. I'm waiting to attain the money to start playing at the higher levels. Right now I'm stuck in the single-digits (.5 & .10) cash games and $1 + X sit and go's. My cash game is pretty stable, I always come out ahead at any level I choose to play above pennies, because pennies are basically a slot machine. (Everyone puts their money in and hopes the reels come up lucky.)

The sit and go's...not so much. I do okay. I usually make the final table on PokerStars' 45-player tourneys. I've made it into the money (the final seven) a couple of times, highest win that wasn't dumb beginner's luck was 5th.

Playing live for the first time in August in Laughlin (free trip courtesy of the in-laws, much prefer Vegas) both tourney and cash game, we'll see how well that goes.

Speaking of Vegas and shows, did you read Wynn is bringing in Spamalot in 2007 and building the castle, along with a themed restaurant. Knew you were a Python fan, figured you'd be overjoyed as I am that we don't have to go to New York.

I saw Spamalot earlier this year. Great show!

I snagged opening night tickets (orchestra, even) for Avenue Q in Las Vegas.

Damn... I really wish I could see this musical... or hell any musical for that matter. *sighs*

If you're going to be in Vegas, please let me know. I'd love to see you.


welcome to my journal, and welcome to Seattle!

Do you play live poker anywhere or just online? Congrats on your sit-n-go win!

Since moving to Snohomish, I've put in a fairly poor showing at the Highway 9's tournaments. 10 minute blinds starting with only 10-15 big bets tends to throw me. Personally, I'd love to have people over for 'friendly games' and join people out to reccommended places.


I play for a living, so I do get out to the local casinos a lot. Although I play a lot online as well, it would be difficult to make a living just playing live here.

I think the best small-stakes tournament with a reasonable structure here is the one at the Muckleshoot on Monday and Thursday, $45 buyin/ $20 rebuys with 20 minute rounds and fairly slow blind progression. The Muck is pretty far away from you though.

Mostly when I play live I play at Tulalip, they have an amazingly good 20/40 kill game on Friday (and sometimes Saturday nights) and the 3/5 NL game is good pretty much any day. They have tournaments too, and the structure is better than those little mini-casino ones, but still pretty crappy I think.

I noticed you were from LA, did you play there at all? I'm thinking of moving there because the games are so much better there, and I end up going down there nearly every other month, but I don't know if I can stand living there. Are there good things about it I'm not seeing?

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