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What a weekend....

I'm just going to start typing and see where it gets me. This was a really strange and weird weekend that I'm still feeling the effects from.

Into the weekend:

Last week I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I'm beginning to think that I may be mildly bi-polar. (And from somewhere I sense a chorus of friends singing out, "Finally!") This is probably chemical. I have been riding a roller coaster of ups and downs throughout the week. And they've been getting more and more intense.

Thursday: (Always start the weekend on a Thursday)
Hockey night at lapig93's place. I enjoy a sport when I have a team to root for. I sort of got into the Penguins in the (waay) early 90's when an ex-fiancee introduced me to the game. It helped that it was during the time that Mario led the team to back-to-back Stanley Cups. Personally, I'm more of a football fan. But in L.A. you make due. I watched the Kings take on (and beat) the Wings. This was cool.

There was beer, and chips, and Krispy Kreme donuts. Also there was nitemarehipigrlwho I introduced herself to me for the 4th time. (I am just that memorable) and Fr. "Sighris" Who's always great to see. Unfortunately, he's going back on Wanderlust in about a month so we won't see him again for a while (grump grump grump). lapig93 and I set up nitemarehipigrl with LJ, so yet another addict. Also met a really interesting astrologer named Savannah (SP?) We chatted about everything under the sun. lapig93 and I commented that we need to plot the conversation topics to see what we'd get. Some topics: Hockey, thelema, Pornos, Automatic sniper rifles, glochs (sp?), astrology, silly girl laughs, redoing my hair style, clubbing, etc.... We decided we were all going to hit a club called "The Dungeon" on Sunday night. Bailed at about 2am...

Work was uneventful. I was tired. tired for me, I'm discovering is bad. I get home and I get punchy. Talked to Ari on the phone. Couldn't sleep. Got punchier. Wanted to go out to an industrial club or someplace equally dark. Had a conversation with an old friend. Was in an angry, bitter mood about clubbing.
More on Friday and the rest of the week forthcoming....

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