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Minerval, a clarification

To give you some general structure of the work we do. With great power comes great responsibilities. You really just can't swoop down from the heavens with no warning, bap someone on the head and say, "Today you are a Minerval"... Well, at least I can't.

These rituals are done under the auspices of established bodies of the order. They are scheduled ahead of time and then paperwork is filed on applicants. There are other details, but they really aren't appropriate for open forum.

Many bodies tend to actually calendar and schedule these rituals months in advance. Enough months between say, the decision to do them and the decision to quit work, leave work, move out of state, and then host them. Such was my case. I was scheduled in the L.A. area before I'd even planned to leave my old company. When I made the announcement to my body that we were moving, I promised to keep the commitment to that responsibility.

We flew out Friday morning, did our preparations throughout the day, then Saturday did our ritual work. We also got to spend some time with the people who'd become family one last time as we transition up North.

I wanted to write this because I made the post earlier today about having done Minervals. Later I found out that several people in the Pacific Northwest were trying to figure out where I'd set up shop without telling anyone. *heh* None were scheduled up in Oreington this weekend. I am really looking forward to doing work in my new area. There are some really cool bodies with some absolutely incredible people. Everybody has been so warm and welcoming to me. I guess I must begin to acknowledge that I'm not really going to be as active with WRC, BSO, LFC, WBO, BHO in the future. In a way I will love and always be a part of every body I have ever worked with. But every day is a new day, and there are always changes and transitions.

3 Minervals down last night. And my last responsibility in L.A. for a while. (Yeah right... I have three BHO events already calendared: Puja, November Mass, and Massathon in March).... No really I can quit anytime.

Watch what shape I'm in once I let: VC, SML, and of course HO schedule me :)
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