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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Initiation last night

Performed Minervals last night. Minervals could be considered the gateway drug to an initiatory path in the OTO. It sorta lets people try on the order before making a full time life-long commitment.

This ritual always means a lot to me regardless of my own involvement in the ritual as it always reminds me of my own Minerval, now over 7 years ago.

Due to the open forum I of course will not go into many details, but it is a wonderful experience that I actually recommend to just about anyone regardless of beliefs. It is definitely an experience to remember. :)

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it's like getting a tattoo. for many people: once you get one, you've got that fever and you better just start a piggy bank...

I agree with that completely!! :)

I too have a deep appreciation/love for the Minerval initiation. I'll see you tonight.

Excellent, where were they at?

You caught me, i went renegade.

Setting things up in Snohomish. Paperwork, we don't need no steenkeeng paperwork.

I'm a loose cannon that must be stopped.

L.A. says, "hi" ;)

I will return after I finish my responsibilties here and do whatever they let me loose on in the PNW.

(Deleted comment)

Yeah, I think I've met her once or twice

Hope you gave her the "full treatment" ;)

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