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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Fireworks photos posted.

For the holidays we got to sit on Lake Union. Well, we got to sit on a barge on Lake Union. Thanks to the hospitality of sea_gaagii and tavalon err... and the rest of the family.

More pictures at http://lordandrei.buzznet.com/user

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You really need to put a sushi warning on your photo link.

I don't just want sushi now... I NEED IT.

Damn and double damn...

Nice fireworks, btw.

I agree, yummy. And appropriate since the fireworks were spost to be celebrating the USA... and if there is one thing the USA is good at, it's stealing the food and culture of other countries and claiming it as our own. =)

Fabulous pictures! Especially part 3.

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