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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

He surfaces!

So, I'd say the move to the PNW is complete, but we still have no idea when the movers are going to show up.

We've entered this sort of strange limbo phase of the move. We're up here. That much I am sure of. The registration for the car has been changed over and the Matrix has plates. They are normal, boring plates; but that too is in process. I got my temporary WA driver's license yesterday. I decided to go for the Max Maven pose and smile.

I suppose the limbo feeling may be due to the fact that our sleep cycles have gone to absolute hell. While we've pretty much stayed in the same place in the time zone... we've moved extremely far on the north/south axis. 1200 miles. The main effect of this is as follows:
Tomorrow, in L.A. there will be: 14 hours 23 minutes of sun (Well sunrise to sunset)
Here, there will be: 16 hours of sun.

Granted, if you actually take the twilight's the difference is more obvious:
LA: 17h 51m
WA: 20h 15m

So, we are without sunlight for less than 4 hours. If your body is tuned to sunlight, this is a bit of an adjustment.

People are friendly here. At times it's alarming. So far I've only been cut off once by a rude driver who was honking. As he barreled past me I was amused to see a California license plate.

Well, today we are off to get jnanacandra's old WA license back and possibly check out the Pagan stores in the area. Oh, The state approve my business license, so Apolo Productions is now official in WA.

I'll post more often once I have a desk. Things slowed down yesterday when I discovered one of my main monitors died. :-/

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So what time does the sun usually set? When I was in Normandy during the summer, which I think is the same if not close to the same latitude, it wouldn't get dark until almost 11pm.


I was amazed at the courtesy level of drivers up here, and I'm coming from Utah. (Not skill, mind you, but courtesy)

Don't forget Moonflower in Everett. They're good folks.

The place had about half a shelf of Crowley books. It felt rather commercial and light... if that makes sense. Made about 2 laps around the store and left. The keeper greeted us vaguely and then pretty much went back to working behind the counter. Will try again at some point.

Welcome! When you get settled in email me.

Drop me an email at...

lordandrei {at} livejournal {dot} com from your preferred email and I'll email you all our contact info.

Email me sometime...I'll go up to hang out if possible. :)

Yes...people are nice, but you'll discover the Seattle Freeze quickly.

See my comment above, same goes for you :)

Wait until winter (evil chuckle.)

Now I'm not sure when to sleep, then I won't be sure if I should ever wake up :)

I don't have your number. Whereabouts are you living now?

Email me as directed at comment above :)

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