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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Moving: the final tally...

When all was said and done:

Packing and moving time: 9hrs
Additional costs for packing: $900
Last items loaded: Piano, vacuum, bicycle, TV

As a note: Please make sure your movers are prepared to disassemble a piano and have the necessary tools.

State of house: Well, let's just say I'm glad professional maid service and professional carpet service is coming.


Guess it's off to the dentist.

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I guess "have a happy dentist" is not an appropriate sentiment?

How about "may you recover quickly (and *relatively* painlessly" from the onslaught of dentistry?

Probably not, but ...

better late than never: have piano moved by piano mover. I made a living moving furniture for a while, and I was absolutely NOT prepared to move a piano. Very heavy, special tools as you note, and too much chance of problems to trust to amateurs.

Other than that, sniff, sorry to have you guys gone.

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