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Well on the upside

My poker game has improved over the last few weeks beyond expectations. The last 6 out of 7 times I played at limit tables (either online or in person) I doubled my bankroll within an hour. (The one time I didn't was this afternoon while I was distracted by the movers acting like they might not move the piano)

I just played a shorthanded (5 player) No limit tourney. $5 + 0.50 in, $17.50 out. So... like I said... my game is improved. I wonder if it's time to step up my limits again.

Best hand of the last 2 weeks:
Pocket AA,
Flop came down 4AK.

Other player was betting into me like there was no tomorrow.
My read was that he had either AK or KK, either was a boon for me.
The turn came down 9. he kept betting into me.
The river... an ace. I checked, he went all in, I called.

He had KKKAA, I had AAAAK. It just doesn't get much prettier.
That's the dream hand :)
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