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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Moving details...

So, shortly we should have professional movers descend upon us.

Here's our schedule:
Thursday (today): Movers, Panic, then a quiet evening with new friend mmorena
Friday: Dentist, house cleaning, carpet steaming, Pack car.Take recyclables and old equipment away, Dinner with old friends, Change DNS on all servers, Computers down and pack into car.
Saturday: Drive to Washington. (We're living about 20-40 min NE of Seattle)
Sunday: Morning- Fall into house. DirecTV. Computers Up

Ah yes, Directv here was a snafu. They will come out Sunday and place a new dish on the house for us. We leave the old one in L.A. Of course, I didn't think about this and scheduled it the day we arrive. The TV won't in fact make it for up to 2 weeks. I can't reschedule at this point due to the time proximity. sheesh

Monday: New Insurance (auto/rental), Register car. Pick up WA Driving Guide.
Call movers, find out when delivery is.

So, the plan with the computers is the neat part. I have full time servers for about 4 different organizations including my own company. The DSL and IP addresses are theoretically up and running at the new site. If my plan works. I will change the DNS routing on Friday night. Drive Saturday, and by the time I arrive in Seattle, I should just plug them in, change the IPs and the machines should just be back up.

Yeah... In theory, theory and practice are the same...

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If you need help with anything, once up here in WA, don't hesitate to ask.
Have a safe trip up here.

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