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I get mean

I couldn't get to sleep early last night like I wanted to. My tea was also not tasting that great. I think I need to find a new herb/tea vendonr in L.A. finally.Part of me wanted to go out to some dark punk/industrial club and just lose myself.

Now for those that know me, I'm about as exteriorly removed from punk as you can get. I mean, I have a part in my hair. I wear button down shirts and birkenstocks. This is not the kind of person you see at industrial/goth clubs.

But this falls into one of my Aries tendancies. If I don't know how to do it, I'm incompetant. If someone holds my hand and shows me how to do it, I have a viciously sharp learning curve. Now granted, I don't think there are many "Goth Fashion Consultants." Also, I don't think any would take me seriously, as I guess I only want to be 'part-time' goth, when the mood takes me as such.

I think this goes back to "Fight Club" which has really had a lasting and permanent effect on me. There's an 'Inner Tyler' screaming inside me to be set free. I'm just trying ot figure out what his agenda is before I have myself tied to the chair waiting for the downfall of modern finance :)

Well, such a fun ramble for a Satyrday morning. Fortunately, the bile I brought up last night in a temporary foul mood was minimal.

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