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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Okay, we'll call it a night

Office and den are almost at the point where I can point and walk away from them. I've got about another 3-4 hrs of organization.

Tomorrow...err today.. Arrowhead comes and claims the water cooler. They don't deliver to Washington state. So, I'd have to pay $250 for the cooler. Not worth it. $9.95/month was fine, but if I'm going to buy one, it'll be through a vendor.

Next week I'll talk about our really fun surprise that I got on Friday of last week. Don't worry, we'll be legal (for the most part) ;)

The list for tomorrow... err today keeps getting longer.

Sp, poker and packing anyone. Wednesday evening?

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You know I'd be there if I could! :)

Snohomish's water is actually pretty good. Well, there's two water systems in town. Half the town is on Everett water and half on Snohomish. I don't know which I have, but it's actually good enough that we abandoned bottled with this latest move. (Used bottled in Redmond and Seattle)

So, you might not need it here--though the "instant tea" feature was REALLY cool...

(Deleted comment)
I'm up for it, if its still happening

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