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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A word about back pain

Well, yesterday after a week of mild to severe pain, I figured I should get it checked. Well, to be honest, I felt hospital was a good solution when I got to the point of not being able to walk.

So, I went to emergency and they shot me in the butt with morphine.

They put me on hydrocodone and flexerall. A fun combination. This combined with the morphine made me a very stoned Andrei last night.

Today... many more errands. My task list grows longer even while I pop off tasks.

Today's list: bank, faxes, changing addresses, more packing boxes, key pickup, etc

The fun stumble of the week was finding out my registration lapses the day we leave, not at the end of the month. Picked up a handy-dandy "one-trip" registration from DMV. This lets me drive the car out of state.

Yesterday I released the analogue files for the local OTO body treasury to my successor. Just organizing the digital files now.

fun fun fun

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I do not envy your drive with the back pain. ow.

Sweet mother of pearl!
EIther they are way over medicating, or you have some SERIOUS back pain.
I really hope it is the first, back pain is hellish.

With us being down to one car. But we have the stuff that you need before you go and would like to get it to you plus would like the chance to say goodbye before you leave. Please let us know when this will be possible?

(Deleted comment)

Re: Life is kind of crazy..

Tomorrow? Feel free to come by. We'll be up late packing :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of narcotic analgesics and muscle relaxants. That fuzzy, sleepy, stupid feeling? Been living with it for five months now. Hard to concentrate. Memory fucked.
But it's better than constant pain.
May your back problems be healed quickly. You don't wanna go where Fritz and I have been.

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