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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Andrei in a nutshell: The nectarine

To truly understand Andrei, you have to understand how much 70's pop TV knowledge is crammed in his head.

jnanacandra walked in the bedroom eating some fruit.

"Peach?" I asked
"Nectarine..." she replied.

I promptly went into a high pitched voice,
"I'll pick the nectarine and throw it down to you"

She looked at me puzzled.

"I suppose there's little use trying to explain the Koozbanian Geefle and Gonk."

I have since attempted to explain.

Gonk: "Let's call it 'cooperation.'"
Geefle: "No... let's call it, 'Shirley.'"

Note: no images are to be found via google at all. Score!

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(Deleted comment)
It's a sesame street skit.

One could reach the fruit and the other couldn't.
One could bend it's elbows and the other couldn't.

Together they could eat the fruit.

Wow, that is obscure. I couldn't at first think of what you were talking about, but you did give me just enough to Google on. I found somebody's Muppet encyclopedia that jogged my memory, and now I remember the SS scene, though not the punchline. :) When Noggin first aired, they used to rerun those old 70s SS eps late at night. Yes, though I'm officially at least 20 years too old for SS, I still watched it.

yep yep
yep yep
yep yep
yep yp

Haven't thought about them in a while.

Oh wow, I remember that now!!

My favorite SS skit EVER!!!!!
I use that quote all the time :)

The crazy thing is that I can easily and vividly imagine this conversation between the two of you! :)

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