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Andrei in a nutshell: The nectarine

To truly understand Andrei, you have to understand how much 70's pop TV knowledge is crammed in his head.

jnanacandra walked in the bedroom eating some fruit.

"Peach?" I asked
"Nectarine..." she replied.

I promptly went into a high pitched voice,
"I'll pick the nectarine and throw it down to you"

She looked at me puzzled.

"I suppose there's little use trying to explain the Koozbanian Geefle and Gonk."

I have since attempted to explain.

Gonk: "Let's call it 'cooperation.'"
Geefle: "No... let's call it, 'Shirley.'"

Note: no images are to be found via google at all. Score!
Tags: nostalgia, personality, pop, tv

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