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Tagging, Part deux

Well, healthwise I'm up to about 75-80%. I can tell because I made breakfast. Well, I assisted with Breakfast.

I spent the morning tagging posts. I have gone back 80 posts. Finishing 2 of which that were dangling. I can't go back further because LJ seems to no longer like the idea of:<myjournal>/?skip=80

I will do it from the month view as time permits.

Since I have no sense of self organization, I currently have 67 different tags. I tend to use 3-4 tags on average per post, I know one had 7 tags.

My current top ten tags are behind the cut
15 - meme
10 - travel
08 - film
08 - livejournal
08 - philosophy
07 - aries
07 - geek
07 - oto
06 - health
06 - nostalgia
Tags: blogging, livejournal, meta

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