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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Pending Vicious Trivia

Back on May 1st, I offered up some rude photo trivia in regards to finding a connection between to movies: Mary Poppins and The Wicker Man

Well, the lead role of virginal Sergent Neil Howie in The Wicker Man was played by Edward Woodward. While looking at the DVD Extras I found his biography and discovered that he was married to actress Michele Dotrice. Now, I knew I recognized the name Dotrice. It was a unique enough name that the font of useless knowledge fired off.
Lo and behold, it turns out that Michele Dotrice is sister to Karen Dotrice the lovable Jane Banks in Mary Poppins.

And for the sake of arguement:
Karen Dotrice's Bacon Number is 3
Edward Woodward's Bacon Number is 2