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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

MEMETime: (Music) Redux... Ahead of their time...

I got a load of responses to the following:

...name as many bands as you can that you felt were:
  • ahead of their time
  • Really great
  • didn't make it big with the masses at the time of their release

Below the cut is a list of people came up with, along with some comments:

I've unscreened the comments from people. Several made some great commentary on their band choices. I also have to really thank elqahar who absolutely went to town.

Firstoff, I had a few that I think while ahead of their time did carry a strong following when they were actively producing music:
  • Queen
  • Living Colour
  • Yes
  • Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Chicago (I-IV)
  • Steppenwolf (esp. Steppenwolf Second and Monster

The next one took me some contemplation:
  • Monkees

This one was supplied by mr_dark. Upon thought and contemplation, I really have to agree with him. This was a group that had some sense of direction and progressiveness once they started doing their own thing. Problem for them is that their fans were programmed by the industry that carved out the pop version of the group.

As for the bands that people suggested that I think fit all three criteria, here's the full list. Do you agree?

Tower of Power
Tangerine Dream
Cherry Popping Daddies
Screamin Jay Hawkins
Cyclone Temple
The Stooges
The Velvet Underground
Roxy Music
Mott the Hoople
Marianne Faithful
The Cranes
Cocteau Twins
Christian Death
Virgin Prunes
The Damned
Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Flesh Eaters
The Cramps
Brian Eno
Kate Bush
The Birthday Party
Patti Smith Group
Einsturzende Neubaten
The New York Dolls
Big Star
Dead Can Dance
This Mortal Coil
Sex Gang Children
The Runaways
Throbbing Gristle
Sonic Youth
Crash Worship
Diamanda Galas
The Dickies
Tones on Tail
Dali's Car
Robert Fripp
Joy Division
Nick Drake
The Pogues
Tom Waits
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
Chris and Cosey
Gang of Four
Gavin Friday
The Gun Club
Killing Joke
Pere Ubu
Public Image Ltd.
PJ Harvey
The Residents
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
Wall of Voodoo
X-Ray Specs
Rudimentary Peni
Jayne County and the Electric Chairs
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I had a lot of "oh, yeah, them, cool!" moments in reviewing the list.

I also had a major revelation: I have no idea what has happened in "popular" music since about 1990 with a few very rare exceptions. I guess that's what I get for listening exclusively to "Technicolor Web of Sound" or "Cryosleep" online.


A lot of people are like that, myself included. Sometimes I hear something I like but I have no idea who many of the bands are anymore. I like some White Stripes, Dresden Dolls, some Cruxshadows, and stuff like that but I'm basically stuck in the 80's early 90's.

About Dresden Dolls - love them or hate them, I think after checking these out you'll know where you fit, before hearing them played to death on typical radio. ahha

I think if I'd heard that stuff in high school I'd have been in worship.

A lot of those bands I'd thought of adding that are on that list, But like they never got to large appreciation by the "masses" I'd say. anyway.

The Cure (took them ages before they were really big)
Dresden Dolls
Soft Cell
Marilyn Manson

agree with your list that meets all 3 criteria. I also want to add that IMO The Velvet Underground was the most underrated band during their heyday. They're also responbile for inspiring many others that you have on that list. As I read in the liner notes of the boxed set (paraphrased of course). Velvet Underground albums didn't sell very well, but those that bought them went on to form their own bands.
Joy Division is another personal favorite, and also a large influence on those that came after them.
The only one I'd add would be Agnostic Front. They are the 'founding fathers' of what became New York Hardcore, and they were the first Hardcore/Speedmetal crossover band.
BTW how are you feeling today?

If I could sing better, and I had a band, "Femme Fatale" would be top of my list of songs I'd cover.

(and I don't care how many been there first) *grins*

If I could sing better

Keep in mind you don't have to sing too much better than Nico's vocal stylings.

There's a toss up of Velvets songs I would cover, and those are: Sweet Jane, Rock and Roll, and Venus In Furs

There will be no dissing of Nico! Understand? heheh
Remind me to do my Nico impression for you some day.

You can bet I will ; )

(Deleted comment)
Yes, i agree, only the first U2.
And the first Cars.

the Doors, definately.
And Roxy Music.
And one of my favorites, Todd Rundgren.

Yeah, Todd!!! We need to have a serious Todd conversation next time we're in proximity. I can tell you the A Capella tour/LSD story. heheh

I love his ACapella album. Lockjaw absolutely freaked out an old girlfriend of mine. You have to tell me the story too :)

Yes most definitely a good addition as are your others. I saw Orbital back in '99 and it changed the way I look at concerts. It was awesome to watch them work their magic with flashlights on their heads. all the while there were these rectangular revolving screens displaying various images on them.
Orbital is the group that made me realize that their can be real genius in electronica.

(Deleted comment)
In the words of Eddie Furlong in Terminator 2,

"Um, all of them, I think."

I'm addin' ya too. Welcome aboard : D

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