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A word or two about jnanacandra

I have just lumbered back into the bed room.I'd say I am up from 20% to about 50%. That which has me still down is congestion that is slowly breaking up and some of the worst muscle aches I have ever had while sick.

Now, I've had sore muscles on occasion while ill, but this is entirely new. The small of my back is entirely on fire and locked up. It's as if I've pulled a muscle entirely and sent it off to be abused somewhere.

jnanacandra has been treating me like a prince this week. And I really need to comment about how incredible this is. We have movers arriving in 8 days. Not 2 weeks, not 10 days, but 8. The last 3 days have been an utter loss to me. Most of the time I have been immobile in bed. The spasm-ing in my back has left me grumpy and irritable. Right now I am typing during one of those pauses in pain where it's only a throbbing annoyance in my back rather than an oil based fire.

Earlier I asked jnanacandra if she could run for some more drugs and cough drops. I also suggested we need food. I really didn't eat much yesterday at all. Well, until she cooked dinner. (And it was awesome)

She came back from the store, with drugs, cough drops, sandwich fixin's and a cream soda that I really like. (No, chite not Dr. Brown's ;) She's also been working on the house non-stop while I've been laid up. Again, it's just entirely awesome.

Many times this week have I blessed my good fortune for having done enough good deeds to deserve having someone like her in my life. I love her very much. And I just felt like making it firmly known to any and all. :)

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