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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Because it's a mild annoyance, not an irritant

On the way back from a colleague's place, three guys dressed like pimps yelled across the street to me,

Hey! Ron Jeremy! Ron Jeremy.

I sighed and looked over. They gave me gleeful and toothy smiles with thumbs up raised. I turned and walked into my hotel.

And I've even lost 10 pounds...


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This would happen alot less if you would get in the habit of zipping your fly.

See, I knew it had to be something


Hmmn. That wasn't it... next?

Well, you do look like Ron Jeremy... and that's not a bad thing.

By the way how many hours of sleep were you on when you took that profile picture?

Dude, you should have *totally* played it. Made them buy you dinner or something...

Why not start telling them that you're actually the stunt-double? hehe


Sorry. Couldn't help it. :D

That kind of shit is really annoying, but eh, fuck 'em.

Congratulation on dropping some weight btw - wish I could say the same!

If you are getting as much "action" as Ron Jeremy, what the hell...


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