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I am G33K, PH34R me!

And on 3 hours of sleep, here I sit. I am on the stone step outside the entrance of the Moscone West conference center for WWDC 2005. The annual Macintosh brain dump. New stuff and elaborations on engineering advancements from the mothership of the giant (now colourless) fruit.

I am here now because the doors in fact open at 7am. The only event this morning will be the keynote speech by the royal god of all kool aid, Steve Jobs. This will not be until 10 am. I arrived at 6am.

Please note it is currently 51° in San Francisco, not counting the chill factor from the overnight iced stone on my posterior. Why 6am? Well, this is a geek fest. Picture the worst anthtropomorphisation of the Simpson's comic book guy. If you have that image in your head and you will picture the 15 people that were here already when I showed up at 6am.

Looking at the collective, I have come to the conclusion that long hair is now officially "out" among the geek crowd. Oh good, I still stand out from the crowd. Yay.

6:30, now 29 people. I will be updating here and also at

If the photo blog site interests you, I'll send you an invite. Not that it's needed for this free site, but... it gets me referral pluses. :)

More later... *wave*
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