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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Yearly pilgrimage to San Francisco

So, once again I am on my favourite and least favourite trip of the year. I am in SF for the yearly Mac geek fest that is WWDC.

I arrived by cattle-car airlines (United Express) and went straight to my hotel in the down town area.

It's a favourite because of the brain dump. It's a least favourite, because here in S.F. I have the worst luck catching up with anyone up here that I might know if even remotely.

So, dear readers... if there is anyone who's been reading me, who lives in the S.F. area and would like to meet for warm beverage wduring the late evening for the first few days this week. (Hell, even tonight)

Then, comment, IM, text message... you know the drill :)

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I'm quite firmly stuck at home for the night, but may be available during the week a bit. Definitely booked up Tuesday night, but not sure of my schedule otherwise.

I blinked and already had a response. I am also responding to your snuggle request post.

I live across the Bay. I'd be willing to meet for coffee or a drink if it is close by. I'm recovering from foot surgery so I'm really not up to alot of walking and travel yet.

Hi Andrei! Let's definitely meet up as I am just across the Bay from SF and would love to see you.

Must get out to work. Call me on my cell and we'll make a plan!

email me your cell @ lordandrei {at} livejournal. I'll give a call about lunchish time.

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