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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

[OTO] Blue Horizon Book Sale!

93 all,

Well today starting at (looks at watch) well, right now... 3pm we are doing a book sale fund-raiser.

I have some set up pictures. We have books from Clymer, Blavatsky, and other really impressive sources. There will also be a book auction for some really Neeefty books.

If you're bored today and in the L.A. area... come by our temple for a browse :)

Oh, we're also doing divinations as well. (SJ and I will be doing tarot readings by request)

If you don't know where the temple is... give my cell phone a text message through the interface on my LJ profile :) Give me a phone number where to reach you and I'll talk you in to our Glendale Book hut :)

Pictures below the cut:
Mystic books

Misc books

Many books

Cool books for Auction


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Pics not working.... for me at least.

The net at the temple has been having some problems. So posting and uploading files was a bouncy experience.

I've fixed the links to the images :)

Hi Lord Andrei,

Would you guys like to sell some books at NOTOCON? 250 people are expected to attend, and 150 are already registered. The vendor fee for OTO bodies is only $20. There are only 35 spaces, and they are going fast. We would love to have you guys there!

Please go to wwww.notocon.org for more information, or e-mail me at Jenny underscore Linsky at lycos dot com .

I am so jealous. I'm going to start walking in the general direction of LA right now... d'you think I'll get there in time?

books, books, books.....

Looks wonderful. Wish i could have been there to shop too!

Wishing to joing SoCal OTO, and books left over

93, Brother Andrei: I just renewed my livejournal account for another two months. A great ritual by Soror Andrea last night, and I am interested in seeing what books are left over. I am devouring 'Strange Angel' about the Life of Jack Parsons, and this book would make an excellent movie. I know people in the business I will show it too. Also, I am making a request to join SoCal OTO. I thought I already did, but perhaps not.

Good luck with your new home in Seattle with Soror Heather, and you both will be sorely missed by the Oasis. However, geologically speaking, you may be getting out while the getting is good. LA is a doomed city.
93, DragonActor

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