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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Once again, dear gods I am ashamed

So, lately, I've gotten in the habit of actually using DirecTV to watch movies that otherwise I just wouldn't typically watch... well, willingly.

Today's was "Little Nicky", Adam Sandler's son-of-the-devil film.

This was actually a surprisingly good film. I am horrifically surprised and a bit ashamed.

But... go rent it.

As for Seattle and catching up... more posts forthcoming.
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This is the only Sandler film I have seen and I also liked it. Much to my dismay. lol

The movie I caught on DirecTV that I was pleasently surprised about was: Dickie Roberts, Child Star. Normally, I don't like David Spade, but he did a pretty good job in that one.

I saw Little Nicky at a friend's house when it came out on DVD. I too didn't think I would like it but I thought it was funny as hell (no pun inteneded). As a matter of fact, I went and bought it.

Be sure to see it unedited.

Lots of nice stuff missing from the edited-for-tv version. (I assume you were watching the version we were earlier today.)

If nothing else, that movie has Clint Howard's greatest performance ever.

You should check out Devil's Advocate. It is another son of the devil movie. With Al Pacino as the devil.

You thought Little Nicky was good?........... wow

You spend too much time feeling guilty. Little Nicky ROCKS and ROCKS HARD!

I love the two metalheads! And how about Rodney Dangerfield and Harvy Kietel as Satan and Lucifer?

Actually most Adam Sandler films are better than people give them credit for.


Go check out "Happy Gilmore." But avoid "The Wedding Singer" at all costs.

Have you seen Punch Drunk Love? It isn't a comedy (though there are funny parts). It's directed by the guy who made Magnolia -- good director. I found that this film was strongly reminiscent of David Lynch. I recommend it if you haven't seen it!

I actually did enjoy both Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, despite how completely inane they both were. I guess I just like Sandler's comedy, practically no matter what.

Haven't seen PDL, but its on the list.

My first exposure to Sandler was little nicky, which I saw channel surfing, and figured it was worth a look because it was satanic. I liked it so much that I saw the others.

He's really very charming...sort of a working class everyman.

Or how 'bout Kevin Nielan as Tithead? Or Hitler and the pineapple? One of my favorite parts of that movie is where Nicky is sleeping in Central Park. His "I will eat your heart" line kills me every time.

I loved the people falling into Hell. Plop. Flop. Cracked me up.

Of course, I'd never seen any of his films before, so it was a good start.

Little Nicky ... fun movie. I actually like most of what Sandler has done. He can act too -- have you seen Punch Drunk Love?

I liked Little Nicky too. I think more people like it than yoou might expect!

LOL, Brad and I felt the same way when we caught it.

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