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Beltane/Horned God

Last night Blue Horizon Oasis hosted a Horned God ritual. I am not really going to go into what Beltane is. There is more than enough information online :)

A wonderfully joyous ritual was celebrated to invoke the spring and Pan, and all things fertile. Incredible kudos to the work of Soror S. for all the work she did to pull the chaotic event together. Of course elqahar did an absolutely stunning job of bringing in the Pan-aic energies. Even if we invoked more than we bargained for.

The highlight of the evening for me was an authentic maypole. We bound two of the brethren to the maypole and entiwined them within it in the hopes that they would be blessed with fertility.

Picture behind the cut :)

Well, Okay.. perhaps using the pronoun they might have been a bit misleading. :)

Thanks to all who made this a very special night for us.
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