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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Non cryptic post.

Hang on to your hats. This one is big.

At 11:00 am I tendered my resignation from Earthlink. I am still solidly in the IT industry developing software, I am just not going to go into details about the employer.

I will be working out of my own home office full time and setting my own hours.

As a result... jnanacandra and I have come to a decision.

At the end of June 2005 we are leaving Los Angeles. And our friends and loved ones in the city and local OTO. We will be moving to Seattle, Washington.

Fuller details forthcoming. But that should hold you for now. Commenting is open.
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Seattle's ok but at least you will be that much closer to Portland. ;-) Congrats!

Keep us in the loop. :-)

sweet sounding job, working from home kicks the ass outta having to commute

Congratulations! I've always wanted to visit Seattle....now I have an excuse .

You can come visit me tooooooo!!!!

Our loss is Seattle's gain. We love you two and we'll miss you!

Johnny & Raven

Good luck on the change in lifestyle. I hope you both continue be at least as happy as you have been, and hopefully more so.

We'll miss you. Wishing you the best on your new venture :)

Bring your raingear! And visit Portland often!

Congrats... But as far as distance, you are till across the country. :)

Rock home office!!!!! 0.o

Best of luck. Seattle is a real neat city... ah, Pikes Market, among other things.

Congrats! Good luck with the transition. Leaving friends is hard, but sometimes it's necessary and you just deal with it.

Congratulations! I am sure leaving wil be hard, but you have something good to go to. And telecommuting rocks!


However, I must note how incredibly jealous I am.

Working from home -and- out of Los Angeles.


Buy a lottery ticket on the way home tonight, see if that streak continues.

I wish you guys the best. At least you'll be around 'till the end of June.

Given the various posts I've seen from the two of you recently, I think this sounds like a great move! Best to you both!

Seattle is home. I'm jealous you're moving there. Wish I could like mad.


Seattle is awesome, in the non-whoa, totally sense of the word. I loved it there.

Okay, guessed (partially) right then.

Good luck.

I'm off to Egypt in less than 24 hours. When I get back I'd love to connect with you--there's so much room at Vortex, we'll be so happy to see you!

Congratulations!! Life is getting sweeter for you!

WOW. You'll be close enough to visit!

YAY!!!! Your going to be by me!!!!

dang it, I get into West Hollywood for a conference on the 30th, just as you guys are heading for the hills ::pout:: Really though, CONGRATS! Welcome to that marvelous sector of the world where we get to work in our bunny slippers if we want to :-)

Glad you gave the f*cknuts what they had coming.
I hear Seattle is beautiful. Good luck in the move to you both.

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