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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Secure, Friends only Cryptic Entry, 1b

And for those who are on my friends list...

I've updated the Apolo Web Site.

If you for some reason feel you have an idea what is coming. Please keep it to yourself.

There are reasons that I need to be cryptic for now. :)

Edit:2005.06.16: This post was friends only as it was alluding to my soon to be announced departure from my job at the time
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this is probably just because you're in testing, but you've got bad HREF and IMG SRC tags.....

[/anal mode]

Where? And... Why are you up :?)

jewel_logo.gif's SRC is http://./images/jewel_logo.gif

concept1_logo.gif's SRC is http://./images/concept1_logo.gif

Home links to http://./index.php
Who links to http://./who.php
..... and so on...

Your code is inserting a leading "http://" into local links and images.

Should be a simple fix.... I've made similar mistakes before, because it usually works fine on the local test server...

Do I win some sort of prize for finding a bug in your code? :)

And as for why I'm up???? I don't sleep anymore. Hehe... more accurately, what little sleep I do get is usually from the hours of about 6am to 10am.

And it's weird, I viewed source on your page and it looks fine... for example; src="images/jewel_logo.gif" shouldn't be translating to src="http://./images/jewl_logo.gif", but it is... I can't understand why it would be doing that, but perhaps you have some weird server setting I'm unfamiliiar with.

Also, your Java Applet is failing to load. Debug debug debug.... hehe you know where that term originally comes from? It was actually a bug. An engineer was working on one of the first machines, which began having problems.... after some inpsection, he found a moth inside the circuits. After removing it, he logged his work "debugged machine."

Have fun.

Congratulations? *crosses fingers*

it would be really cool if the Babelfish translation also translated the text-to-speech variables so that the little SitePal would speak in the appropriate language.. but perhaps that isn't possible, I'm not familiar with SitePal. I've used Babelfish to translate the IM spam I get in Spanish, with rather amusing results....

Psst. What's bloglines.com? They're reprinting my LJ entries, and I see that you're a subscriber.

Bloglines is a standard aggiragtor. Basically if the feed appears publically, they will pick it up. Users can subscribe to bloglone to accgigate their news. The advantage of this is that they cache news do mulitple readers can not hav to be multiply downloading it.

The important part to you is that they do NOT have access to filtered posts.

They don't have filtered posts... but they are reprinting my content on their servers.

I've no objection to an RSS feed that gives a link to the entry, but reprinting the entire entry = uncool by me.

I agree with the problem there. I can see if Bloglines can be told not to publish a feed. The problem is that most aggrgations sites are virally walking across sites like livejournal.

Your RSS Feed from LJ is full article based. This is something that is a 'feature' of being a paid user. Unfortunately, anyone has access to a paid user's full, public posts. For me it's why I include the Creative common license so I have a leg to stand on. My membership in bloglines isn't how it got on there. But I'm willing to do anything I can to help you if you'd prefer them not to serve your full stories.

The problem is the solution is to get LJ/6A to give better control to paiud users over their syndication. I have offered several solutions to the LJ support staff (it's my field) but it's too low on their radar now.

Catch me off line and I'll work with you to get a solution that accomplishes what you need. It may not be easy while being on LJ.

*nod* I've already gotten my feed yanked from Bloglines.

This is the only site I've seen where my entire entries are cached on their servers. Other ones I've seen just have a few sentences and a link...

Oh good. Bloglines does have a policy for non-redistribute. That was going to be the first thing I suggested. I will compile a list of other major sites that may likely have picked up your blog. Unfortunately, the more readers you have, the more likely it's been picked up and aggrigated.

I place the blame on LJ for taking an easy hack approach to feed management.

*hug* Thanks, hon.


On Netscape 7.1 on Win XP, it takes a good 2 minutes to load the front page. Also, the same spoken message on each page, though understandable if people come in from pages OTHER than the front page, gets a bit tedius.

That said, the content is great, and I can't wait to see what is next.

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