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Cryptic Entrry #1

This is the first in a thread of vaguely cryptic posts that should culminate soon.

Some old friends have commented that my occasional desire to wax poetic and be cryptic is one of my more annoying traits. IN the words of Peter Schikele (PDQ Bach), I have a whole new set of friends now... (Well, including the old ones who are more patient with me)

If you are reading my journal, it would be best if you could email me (at my address on my profile

If it be your will, please send me your contact info (as I am redoing my address book) But most importantly, email me your IM contact info. (If you use IM. If you don't... get AIM or if you prefer (though I don't) Y!M. BTW: Dot Mac users and ICQ users can use their IDs on AIM. {Most don't realize that}... (gosh how many parens is that?))

This will be very important to me in the weeks ahead.

Edit:2005.06.16: This post was alluding to my soon to be announced departure from my job at the time
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