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I am Aries, hear me roar

There is one feature about my mother I don't talk about often. It's a trait that annoyed me as a child. She had no respect for people who wouldn't follow her whims. She would more often than naught treat clerks badly. It was a "spoiled rich" mentality. She would be mean and she would climb the food chain until she got what she demanded.

I don't like to identify with my mother as mostly everyone who knows me knows.


You do not screw with me or those close to me. Especially those close to me. The difference between me and my mother is that it takes me a lot of consideration before I cross the line into the attack.

When I do find myself crossing this line it is a side of me that I let out in full force. I have no qualms about bringing in the absolute darkest sides of myself and taking down anyone that gets in the way.

To me it becomes war. To me it becomes the challenge of putting what is right back to where it should be.

Is it irrational... I don't know. I hope not. I know when to walk away from a fight and more often than naught it has been far long after those around me have told me to stop. But in many of the cases that I have been told that I'm taking it too far... I have wound up being correct and winning.

And to me it's not a question of winning, it's a question of fighting the fight with everything I have until my perceptions are changed.

The point is for me. The battle is now on. I have a fight that I have been forced into. For better or worse, it is my nature. (Hell 5 signs in Aries including Sun, Ascendant, and Saturn...)

"Never start a fight, but always finish it."

I am Aries, I am Ares, I am Shiva

I have no patience for systems that are broken and refuse to be fixed.

Edit:2005.06.16: This post was friends only. It is now public. I can't find a good reason that it should be kept from general consumption.
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