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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Account hacking followup

Yahoo accounts are being hacked by a YAHOO USER on
GEOCITIES! The account is:

The phisher is using the URL:

This shows a Yahoo adult profile page, Clicking on it brings you to;

This is a Yahoo sign in page which is actually a form that sends the users password and username to a cgi script at:

nerdsonsite.com can be reached at
1-877-MY NERDS

I have already called them alerting them to the fact that their site is currently providing the means to steal Yahoo addresses.

(Above was sent to yahoo)

I have called the site and received their "call center." I have alerted the "Call center" to the situation. This of course gives them time to Panic. I invite anyone else who's been duped by this phisher (I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN IDIOT!) to call them.

Call professionally. Tell them what has occurred. Leave a name, a phone number. Request a call back within 30 minutes or the next call will be from a lawyer outlining that all damages will be the responsibility of the site.
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I am glad I didn't click on that when it was sent to me by someone I barely know. The URL "betuseeemyboobs" rather gave it away, at least for me.

I just called and got a human. She's kind of freaked. A tech is supposed to call me back.

I got a tech who is going to email me the original account holder's name and address so he can be reported to the proper authorities. I don't really understand everything he said. You should write to david@nerdsonsite.com as he is who called me back and offered me the information. Then you can update here with English version of how this happened. ;-)

Serves you right for wanting to see someone else's boobs. Your wife has a very nice pair at home ;)

Why does it not surprise me that this point came from you ;)

But I'm just following in my Bishops footsteps. I wanna be a sexologist, just like him! :)

My wifes are just the sample of perfection by which I judge all others ;)

That's what I was thinking ! Hehehe

I just got a second one. Le sigh.

So, then my account is gone for good, then?


(Deleted comment)

While the link came from "life_magick"...

I assure you it didn't come from me. It took them several hours to get to my account. If you log in and change your password first and foremost. That will prevent account loss. If you can change the password, you should be safe, assuming you don't go to anyone else's fraudulent site.

If you can not change the password (as you can not log into yahoo) then your account has been taken. I apologize for the inconvenience, you're not alone.

Please watch my account for updates to help if you

if you... find that they've gotten to your account, too.

So Andrei, mine NOT fixed, as I don't have the correct zip code and my alternate email is no longer verified. Have you fixed YOUR ID? PLEASE keep me posted. I had that ID for 10 years. :(

Ok wel lI found a real contact number for yahoo (not yahoo sbc which I had to go through first) 1-408-349-1572 they are open between 8:30am and 5pm pst. I have not been able to get through yet as I got the number after 6pm. It seems that some options give you messages but some general ones give you people and saying they are closed. couldnt hurt

How about installing a firefox extension spoof stick or your choice browser's equavalent?

(Deleted comment)
With firefox you go to the extension room and d/l 'spoofstick'. I don't know what you do for opera.

You know I dodged that very same type of attack the other day. It's a very clever process because it looks exactly like the Yahoo pages you would encounter in that situation. The account was a different name, but everything else was the same.

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