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Account hacking followup

Yahoo accounts are being hacked by a YAHOO USER on
GEOCITIES! The account is:

The phisher is using the URL:

This shows a Yahoo adult profile page, Clicking on it brings you to;

This is a Yahoo sign in page which is actually a form that sends the users password and username to a cgi script at: can be reached at
1-877-MY NERDS

I have already called them alerting them to the fact that their site is currently providing the means to steal Yahoo addresses.

(Above was sent to yahoo)

I have called the site and received their "call center." I have alerted the "Call center" to the situation. This of course gives them time to Panic. I invite anyone else who's been duped by this phisher (I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN IDIOT!) to call them.

Call professionally. Tell them what has occurred. Leave a name, a phone number. Request a call back within 30 minutes or the next call will be from a lawyer outlining that all damages will be the responsibility of the site.
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