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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

EMERGENCY: I Have been hacked

My Yahoo acct: life_magick@yahoo.co.uk has been hacked.
Please do not trust any mail from it until further notice
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Shit... you're the 2nd person TODAY that I know that got their account hacked.

I'm sorry >:{

And I just sent you my credit card number.....damn!

(j/k, thanks for the heads up)

What? You mean I don't get to see boobies? (They're using the IM too)

THat is how it works - you get an im that looks like it is from your friend, you see a page that looks just like the yahoo adult profiles page, you log in, and t tells you the server is down. You shrug in annoyance, not realizing they just got your password. People who have immediately changed their password after having this happen have escaped the asshole behind this scam - I unfortunately did not realize this had happened until the next day when I was locked out of my account.

Yeah, I realized right after I went to the page and saw the server was down. I went in to yahoo for real and changed my password right then. Hopefully I have been spared.

If you were able to change your password, you are okay.

Ahhh. That explains the IM I just got.

Hope you can get the fucker/s shut down!

- donna

Any chance you can update this post with warning folks to not follow links from your IM, either?

Not sure if that's how this happened to you, but it is what happened to another friend of mine. Almost to me as well, but I learned quickly what was going on and changed my Yahoo password immediately.

I guess I should've realized you wouldn't me messaging me about boobs.. I gave it my password:/.. looked like a normal adult yahoo site.. damn.

Change it now if you can

Change you yahoo password if you have access. Get in their as soon as possible.

If not follow my posts for more information

Re: Change it now if you can

Yeah I changed it as soon as I saw the replies on your post..

Re: Change it now if you can

oh shit! I didn't look closely at the link and clicked it. . . got the dead page....
luckily I did get in and change my password, then came over to LJ and now read your posts....damn!!! I feel foolish that i clicked on the link, now that i re-read it and wondered why you'd be sending pics of boobies!


(Deleted comment)
God DAMN it!!! I got this too late. So when will this problem be resolved??????

Oh man that SUCKS. SS hon. Thanks for letting us know.

I wondered why you IMed me a link with "boobs" in the title. Luckily I didn't click it.

Re: ah that explains it

Yeah, I was thinking, "Ok, he's a guy. Why would he want me to look at his *boobs*?"

[[hugs]] and good luck.

Thanks for the 411. Sorry that they got you.


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