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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

And God have Mercy on her soul

Today I have introduced the jnanacandra to "Benny Hill"

Yup... So... anyone else remember that trip down amnesia lane :?)

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I would comment, but I've suddenly been inspired to put on lingerie and engage in a hilarious chase, sped up to increase the funny.

ah, yes, British humor!

Are you kidding?!? You haven't lived till you've laughed yourself sore over the antic lechery of Benny and crew! My other secret thrill was the Brit comedy "Are You Being Served?", and of course, before that, the whole "Monty Python" thing was a weekly addiction.

Good evening, thir! Good evening, viewerth!


Love Benny. Love him.

In the words of Gazzo: "We English have quite a different sense of humor than you Yanks...We don't like Benny Hill."

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