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Yes, I am way far behind. Between busy, travel, and now sick (Ugh) I am about 2-3 weeks behind on LJ for my friends. So, here's your may get comments on topics you've forgotten entirely about ;)

As for me. Yes, I'll update. Bless me Brad, it's been one week since my last update. I met 'the brad' this weekend at the LA LJ Bash. For those who don't know...Brad is the Oppenheimer of this site... So right now, he's the one to watch for going public ;)

With luck when the time comes we can prevent him from getting bought out by Wahoo.

As for my status. Wayyyy f-ing sick. I mean I have multi-colour 100% goo going here. (That's more a description of the way I feel; I've been keeping myself well supplied in kleeneses ;) and am not a hideous sight. At least no more than usual...)

Work was fun today. I started at the doc's office. She (Note to all you out there, I emphasize my GP is a she) supplied me with many fun antibiotics and killer decongestants, that left me pleasantly stoned at the office. Right down to Dave the manager testing the fact that I was getting tracers in my peripheral vision.

If you have any doubt, check with any of the people who like to AIM me during the day. They can vouch for it :) Show two will probably be tomorrow, feel free to AIM me (ID in LJ Profile; read my AIM profile before messaging me the first time.) I expect heavy stoning.

Oh, and I have no clue why I'm still up. I have to be in Santa Monica tomorrow at 7am to try to get into the DMV to get things with my license straightened out. For those keeping track, I think I posted the story here at one point. On the lighter side, I received the cancelled check from the bank that was holding a loan for my car. It is now paid for!!!!! Don't laugh. There is no longer a loan on file for me and I away my shiny pink slip.

Well, look at me...I start rambling and then don't shut up. And to think...someone said my posts come off as arrogant ;) (Granted the person was really cool, and I'd told her that her posts came off sometimes as cold and bitchy, so we were even. Good news, we each decided that the other one was much cooler than our occasional bad views of the other's posting style....And to you a: I still have the pictures >:-)

Okay.. Time to fall apart. Meds are kicking in and I must awake at 0-F*** it's early.

More soon.

*hugs to those that want them* (An old tag from #bondage when there was only one IRC net)
(Oop, tipped my hat)


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