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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

It's sort of like Pirates of Penzance

See, if your birthday falls on February 29, then you really only age one year out of every 4.

I was born at 5:16 am Eastern time. On the West coast that figures out to be 2:16 am. But this is one of those years where the clocks roll forward. So there was 1:58, 1:59, 3:00. Effectively... there was no 2:16 am where I was...

So I didn't age this morning.

There may be those on the east coast who disagree with me on this ;)

Yay. Lesser Feast. G'night

2 more posts tomorrow I hope
Weird sudden spontaneous sickness on the 2nd
and a thrilling sole to sole (sic) conversation.

Note the latter will fall under my S&F filter.

And if you haven't done the poll yet, please do that ;)

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Um... happy birthday? :))

Happy Quantum Birthday to my fellow Aries brutha! :)

I like your thinking!

Happy urm...day!

Happy birthday! Or wait...your aren't having a b-day this year! LOL

Happy Birthday

You MUST forgive me...I had no idea about your issues with dairy! And there I was, blithly making not one but TWO casseroles CHOCK FULL O'CHEDDAR!
No,sweetie, I was NOT trying to kill you! Hope you are much, much better now. . . :)

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