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I am curious...

I saw a survey like this a while ago...

I'm doing some independent research. I've listed a whole bunch of net services. I'm curious which ones you use. Doesn't matter if it's regularly or irregularly. However, you must still use it on occasion. If you played with it and abandoned it, you can leave it blank.

I guess I should state that this is for my own research. I will not sell, release, etc... anyone's individual data. Also, I'm only asking if you use a service. You do not (and should not) tell me your IDs on these services. That's not the point of the research.

In the text boxes, feel free to list any net-style services you feel may be missing. In commentary feel free to comment on the list or elabourate why certain things may be missing or be over represented here.

Please pass this posting onto friends. The more people I get to respond to this, the better for the information I'm looking for. I'm hoping to get a sampling of at least 200 responses. Please promote :)


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