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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

My guilty pleasure

I pulled an all-nighter last night. I have to be focussed and on the ball by 10am. (It's now 1:45am)

Thank you everyone for making my meme so much fun. PLease pass the words to others, have them hop on the comment list with theirs as well.

So the set up:

First. Music I am not ashamed of.: Anything by Jim Croce. I was raised on his stuff, i know it inside and out. I wish I could play guitar ;)

Next is the one I like but don't go out of my way for... That's Tom Jones. I love "So Unusual" primarily because the song is...

By my GUILTY pleaseure. The one I wonder if my wife will separate me over...

No maybe I should put it behind a cut... Yeah, that'll help
Yeah, here behing the safety of a cut... I'll place a link.

That way we stay clean and healthy.

A link to my guilty pleasure."

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Tom Jones puts on a good show, based on some thing I saw on cable 85 years ago....

Jim Croce was good.

Barry, though, I can't abide.

Say it isn't so!!

Okay, now my strange affection for Turkish Pop doesn't seem to be so, well, dark and secret.

At least it's not Neil Diamond.

You know, somehow I knew that it would be him!

(Deleted comment)
I clicked on the link, saw the URL, and closed it before it could load.

If I haven't divorced you over the lounge singer Collects, I won't divorce you over this....

BUT if you ever inflict it on our children then I may have to kill you.

I like the song Mandy. Once in a great while. Most of the time, I like 60's classic rock, metal (real metal, not the hair band crap), and pretty much anything goth.

I'm with you on the 60's classic rock, metal. Those are my 'basics'.

Catching up on posts I've missed the past two weeks. A bit late for me to admit my guilty pleasure, but I so LOVE this song. I was especially in love with it Freshman year of college for some reason.

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