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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A meme as I head out

I am enroute to the Airplane. I will be in Seattle before the day ends. So, to pass the time I am curious....

Name a musical guilty pleasure.

I want to hear a song you absolutely love/adore/stop for... loud, sappy, quiet, rap, country.

BUT! The challenge is...it must be a song that you would go out of your way not to admit to. Utter Shame if anyone discovered the secret :)

Now is your chance to release your burden. I will post mine after the flight

BUT! The challenge is...it must be a song that you would go out of your way not to admit to. Utter Shame if anyone discovered the secret :)

Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose if I'm admitting it here in a public forum? ;o)
Nonetheless, I'll fess up -

"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred!

I'm too sexy for my cat
What you think about that? ;o)

For me it wasn't a must-love.. But it was fun :)

Good call :)

Black Betty by Ram Jam. Oh, and Family Tradition by Hank jr. I'm such a damn hillbilly.

I JUST had a post about Black Betty! Look back a couple of entries! A kindred soul!!


<whisper>"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler (the original version). </whisper>

This is closet Steinman. It so belongs on Bat out of Hell. Same producer, same sound. Scremaing magickal orchestrated pathos. Absolutely riveting. I couldn't call it a guilty pleasure. I'm too proud of liking this one ;)

I absolutely detest country but love "Friends in Low Places," even if it is Garth Brooks.

I didn't really get into Garth until...

I saw him on Muppets Tonight. He was hell bent on NOT doing country. He did Tom Jones, Kibuki, and finally "If I were a Rich Man"

I really gained appreciation for him as an entertainer at that point.

I really love "Even Now" by Barry Manilow and "When I'm with You" by Sherriff.

And if you repeat it, I'll deny it.


You may win the prize when it's all said and done ;)

Hilary Duff's - Why Not? (shoot me please)

I know nothing about Hillary Duff

Is this the cute one you were pointing out?

I'm so ashamed... Shaggy "It wasn't Me"


Weird Al's "I'm Fat" (and other various songs on the "Food Album")

Any musical artist who picks a name base on a Scooby Doo character... Yeah, I think you're on the road to guilty pleasure.

Weird Al... People just havce to accept that he has fans ;)

Neil Diamond--Cherry Baby

I will put the hurt on you if you tell anyone.

Oh whoops!

I actually enjoy, "Sweet Adeline"

So no harm here.

I really like the SailorMoon theme song.

I actually love the Japanese Version

I was the biggest SM fan for a while. It was nuts. So I learned the lyrics in Japanese. English lyrics not as much fun because they had nothing to do with the character ;)

As much as my sisters drove me to despise her more than I normally dislike the genre, I have to admit to liking Toxic by Britney Spears...

I will say in my defense that I probably saw the video the first time I heard it, but I like it without the video now...

But is it really a guilty pleasure.

Do you really love the song that much ?

(Deleted comment)
I love Barry Manilow! He is underappreciated. "Mandy" is a beautiful love song. Why doesn't anyone understand?

"Stayin' Alive" by the BeeGees. This song makes me get up and boogy. I know this is socially unacceptable (like I care), but I really love the BeeGees. They are incredibly talented guys. So underappreciated! Great songwriters, great performers, great musicians!

I honestly can't say that I'm ashamed. It's a little embarrassing, a leftover from my self-conscious youth. But I've moved rather beyond shame when it comes to this sort of thing. There's no song I am ashamed of liking.

When the BeeGees come on, I boogy. I shake it. I dance around in my seat in the car.

what are you TALKING about? I LOVE the BeeGees. I had a big time Thing for those Gibb boys in my youth. Had a picture puzzle with them on it and everything.

Ok, really guilty pleasure here....I love an OLD Fleetwood Mac song called "Lay me Down in tall grass and let me do my thing". It's the southern girl in me. But I have many, many more guilty pleasures.

They've always been sorta take it of leave it for me...

I feel like the classic rock fan in me _SHOULD_ have more appreciation for Fleetwood Mac... But I've just never gotten into them.

BTW: Welcome to the journal. How did you stumble across this one?

Ok, I have another....Hey Ya by Outkast makes me get up and do the jig EVERY DAMN time. When I was 9 mo pregnant my baby and I almost busted ass cause I was "shakin it like a polaroid picture"!

I have a lot of shameful guilty pleasures. None that I'm really terribly ashamed of, though.

Brittney, Back Street Boys, The BeeGees, John Denver, Garth Brooks, Neil Diamond, Public Enemy, Hayseed Dixie, almost any 80's metal hairband rock ballad, Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent.

All things I get the o_O look for - but all things I'd admit to in a pinch.