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Time for the weekly rant

I really may be out on a limb here, but advertising has to go.

I thought I had it up to my chiungmaefuns with little purple pills. See there is this penchant now in advertising to show you pill. They don't tell you what it does but you really have to go demand it from your doctor.

There was a time that pill companies only spoke to doctors. Primarily because only doctors were sufficiently trained to know what effects medications have. There was a time that drug companies were not allowed to advertise. But this of course was deemed an obstruction of their freedom of speech.

So... today you get the following exchange. Because people saw a commercial...

Doc... I need you to prescribe me Myrnacrimoz
Alan, you don't need Myrnacrimoz
Doc, I watched it on TV, they told me I need the pink pill
Yeah Doc?
Alan, How was your discharge during your last cycle?
My last cycle?
Alan. You don't need Myrnacrimoz.

Now... this as much as it ruffles my feathers is not what gets my goat.

No... tonight, I saw a commercial for "Revolution"... A bunch of cats demonstrating for "Revolution for Cats" the medicine that keeps them well. All cats (and their owners) should talk to their vet today about Revolution.

Now check me... it's bad enough that the TV is telling people to demand drugs from their doctors that have not even had a malady tied to them; but now, I'm being told to tell my vet when I need for my cat because they are demonstrating?


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