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Flame on, the monthly rant.... "Just Kidding"

Let me start off by saying, "If I hear the phrase Just Kidding used one more time as an all encompassing absolution, I'm going to start taking people to task.

This little catch phrase has worked its way into our common vernacular. You've probably heard it.

I don't feel like seeing a movie tonight
Like I'd actually want to see a movie with you... Just kidding.

Do people HONESTLY believe that when they make a gut statement, which reduces to the lack of censoring their inside voice of honesty, that ANYONE believes for one second, that this is "Just kidding."

Face it. You're saying what's on your mind. But you're using some catch phrase to make people think it's okay, or worse... that it's not what you meant to say.

Here's my stand:
If you didn't mean to say it, then don't F*&#ing say it to begin with.
If you did mean to say it, have the f&$%ing balls to admit to your own opinion and take responsibility for it.

I see this in the work world, in friendly company, and familial relationships. And to be honest, it's just plain dishonest and deceptive.

Rant off.

Guess what... NOT kidding.

Note: Comments to this rant that ignore this rant and decide for ironic value to poke fun and end said comment with , just kidding the humour it will be considered for deletion, punting, unsubscription, and possibly blocking.

Edit: Thanks to ethernight I tried to clarify the end note. This is a consideration depending on context, not an immediate punting.

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