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Posts I am working on today

I have been quite on LJ lately. But I have much that I'm trying to work on both for LJ and off.

Currently I have 4 LJ compose windows open and another compose window open for another site entirely.

Besides this one is a post concerning
  • The Magickal Ego</i>
  • What blogging and LJ really is
  • What not trusting anyone over 30 really means

In the mean time I am also writing a response to Wil Wheaton who is currently dealing with the crisis that a "Vote for X in the Star Trek" universe is going to inevitably label Ensign Crusher as the Star Trek most annoying character ever.

Beyond that is also a forthcoming posting on the weekend's activities (MASSATHON!)

And all the catch up work for a burgeoning IT Guild.

You know... who needs work... I've got enough to do already.

L.A. Woman (Single Edit) - Billy Idol: Greatest Hits

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