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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Longer posts forthcoming: Meanwhile... Frienditto Scandal

Recently a scandal has come up with some site called Frienditto. From what I read concerning this site, it will take your LJ username and password. Log into the service for you and archive anything you can read with credentials.

Granted, the license for the site then stupidly said it had the rights to republish any information used on its site.

See, the problem is that sadly anyone who can type on a keyboard can learn PHP or Javascript or the like and claim to either be a software engineer or worse, go forth and start what looks like an internet service company.

Coding up a few pages together doesn't mean that you have a good business idea, or more importantly the savvy and wisdom to handle the business decisions and problems that can occur from a half baked idea.

People, it's an old rule. Your password is like a toothbrush. Keep it somewhere safe, change it every 6 months, and never loan it out.

Happily the LJ audience is large enough and loud enough to take down a bad service quickly. It would seem that frienditto is now down with all links pointing to "click thru" referrals benefitting the site owner.

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Frienditto was set up by the LJDrama folks specifically for the purpose of publicy exposing friends-only entries of those viewed as ridicule-worthy, particularly "furries," "otherkin," etc.

A number of anti-frienditto communities have sprung up, and the pro and con communities are now attacking each other with pranks, hoaxes, trolls, etc. It's all gotten quite bizarre.

It's gotten beyond disgusting over there. I had joined ditto_cops to find out what to do about removing a stolen post that someone had archived on Frienditto without my permission.
A good deal of the folks there aren't really nice either.

It's ridiculous. The whole mess is just a bunch of immature teenyboppers with nothing better to do with their time.

I was a victim of this Frienditto nonsense already. I've had my one public post put up there without my permission. Just to be safe, I changed my password and everything. Nothing Friends only or Private was archived, thankfully. I'd just like to take the dickwad who submitted my post apart with my bare hands.

The entry that was reposted was public?

If that's the case, I fail to see the problem. Do you fail to understand the meaning of the word public?

Because that was only public for a short time so that a couple folks on another person's journal could view the post per request, because I didn't want to add others to my journal.
And it's a copywritten piece as I'm a writer and it was posted without my specific permission, which makes it theft.

For the sake of argument, lets say that we could call that theft.

Putting something up on the internet that you don't want to be "stolen" is the real world equivalent of leaving your purse sitting in the middle of central park for a day while you go for a stroll. It may be immoral, or even illegal for someone to take it - but I wouldn't be too surprised about it.

It appears to be a sort of lj hoax/scare.

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