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Memtime: 10 things I've done

So this is the list of 10 things I've done that I doubt anyone else on my subscriber's list has done...

1) Gotten Douglas Adams to sign a towel. (Though I received an anonymous comment that he actually did this all the time. If you are said anonymous poster, please comment with identity information, otherwise I will not consider this valid enough to contradict the several people to the opposite)

2) Had lunch with Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) at a Computer developers Marketing meeting

3) At a mall kiosk that sold $20 colour prints of coats of arms; sold our most expensive item, a Gold signet ring. ($1200)

4) Perplexed Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) while waiting for luggage at LAX

5) Spoke on 2 panels my first time at Dragon*Con

6) Took the Pennsylvania Governors' award for excellence in Physics.

7) Performed intimacies with someone in a roomful of people without anyone knowing (except the someone in question)

8) Got chased through the streets of Oakland (Pittsburgh) and hid in a projectionist booth over a bootleg script printed off the internet.

9) Got lost running a cross country course and found myself wandering the streets of Princeton, NJ in my gym class wear.

10) Keep half my father in a box on my entertainment center until I can find a way to dispose of him on an exclusive club for magicians.

Okay... well, 9 that no one on my list has done.

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