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my "fb" rant.... (Part 1)

Since this post is mature and meant for readers over 18 (and I mean physically, mentally, and socially) I'm putting in a cut here. People under 18 really should not read beyond this point and I will not consider my self liable if you forge ahead without a parent's permission. I also ask that if you are under 18 that you really grant me the respect and not dive into this post. I like being able to post publicly. If I get flak I will have to lock down these posts.

fb... is for fetish board. I have been coming to deal with my own sexuality for quite some time. It's one of those grossly overly-taboo subjects that people in general seem to hope doesn't exist. This isn't mine in particular....but anyones in general. Granted, I'm also of the belief that while a person can be intelligent, people as a whole are often stupid. (See the common Dilbertian and Corporate definitions of "Committee")

Sadly, as Twain observed, to make someone desire something more you only need to make it harder to obtain. Thus most people relish the chase rather than the victory. Such a shame. And in turn, people tend to be more predatory and less intellectual when dealing in realms that they have to go in private.

So..What the hell does that last paragraph mean? If you have any strange sexual interest....or normal sexual interest at all, there are no reasonable discussion forums. In general there aren't discussion forums. And unfortunately, what is left in their place fills me more and more with biting cynicism and annoyance.

Now for starters what I have found are what can only be called drool boards. The days of are pretty much long dead, killed by spamming robots. For a while there was eGroups. Well moderated mailing lists in understandable hierarchies. Then as the internet is want to, eGroups got bought and summarily damaged by Yahoo. (But this is not a Yahoo rant; that would take up too much space on the LJ servers)

I started looking for fbs after an event where I gave a foot rub to a lady and discovered she liked it as much as I did. We talked for a while and clicked on a topic that I thought no other human would ever understand about/from me. You see if there was one out there, there had to be more. This was before the Yahoo dark times when you could actually explore the adult hierarchy.

I have a meeting now and will post more about this afterwards, but rather than let it sit here and accomplish nothing...I've labeled it "part 1" with more to follow shortly.

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