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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

tech tech tech... 1/2 looking good!

I really want to thank w3woody and fraserspeirs.

Between their advice and web pointers. I have now got my site running under a secure certificate :)


Woo hoo!

Granted, right now all it is serving is http://www.apolo.net. However, I'll be working on that today.

Ritual Season is taking a nice (and well deserved) day off in our household.

jnanacandra will probably post at length (though humbly) at the absolute and utter success of Fool's Journey (2). It was a marvelous time last night and the work she did was amazing.

I on the other hand will be playing with mySQL and PHP under the new secure site. I am working on a project and I'd like to make sure that the connections to it are secure and encrypted.

I'm still looking for Cyrus/IMAP advice. But for now... Yay. Encrypted Secure Site. WOO!

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Took a look at the site. Freaky. That head follows my mouse pointer around.

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