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I am proud to say, I am no longer ashamed...

... of having watched "The Real Gilligan's Island"

No... Now... Now we have ... "Distraction" on Comedy Central

Comedy central has managed to find a show that mixes all the best (and worst) of

Weakest Link
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
Fear Factor
So, Graham Norton.

This is a quiz show... I think
Or not. It's a contestant elimination show.. that much I can tell.

Hosted by a Brit with a really rapier wit the show pits the contestants against...well

Round 1. A battery of inane questions while the contestants attach as many clothespins as they can to their faces.

Round 2. A simple foot race, Leapfrog, Sack Race, and Wheelbarrow. However, the contestants have to do this with a partner who is a nudist. (And not the best and most exciting examples)

Round 3... You know.. the phrase "Toilet Humour" is just not going to be sufficient here. So I'll blithely gloss over the one.

3 Contestants down 1 left. I guess there's a bonus round.

Yeah... the bonus round.

You see you've already won 5 prizes. A vespa motor cycle, an ibook, DVD player, a "not-a-segway", and oh.. yes... a 17# turkey.

Of course, the prizes are behind bullet proof glass.

Why? Well, five more questions. Each time you get a question wrong, you get to select from one of five plunger detonators wired randomly to each of the prizes.

That's right. You blow up one of your prizes. Let me tell you. Blowing up a 17# turkey can only be described as Glorious.

And that's the show. In the words of the host, "Jimmy Car"

If you don't think the show went far enough, No worries. They just sold the format to Iraq where it will be replacing the justice system there.

*shakes head*
When does season 2 of Real Gilligan's Island return? I'm ready for anything now!

Adds the jnanacandra, "Actually I feel less ashamed about this one. This show actually show's ingenuity and humor and is blatantly honest about how it's jerking around the audience."

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